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Dear Customers,

Please refer below for our company terms and conditions before you place order:

Best regards,


  1. There are 3 ways to make payment to Sign Inch Advertising Media:

    1. Cash / Cheque
    2. Bank in (cash deposit / cheque deposit / bank transfer)
    3. Interbank Fund Transfer
  2. We provide bank accounts for bank in your amount:

    1. Maybank – 5129 0554 9211
    2. To ensure that all transaction clear & understand, please send us your payment proof / payment slip by whatapp or e-mail to Sign Inch Advertising Media necessary to avoid misunderstandings.
  3. Kindly Whatapp or email us your payment proof / bank in slip to:

    1. Email:
    2. Whatapp : +6012-4599789 / +6016-7425592 / +6012-5878956 / +6012-5197895
  4. Thank you and happy printing with Epress!


  1. Please be informed that +10% or -10% differ on the print-out color is tolerable and reasonable in offset printing. The color standard is based on our company’s color chart, different batches of printing may differ. Customer cannot request for replacement / cancellation by comparing in the colors between different batches of print-out or the color on the screen against the print-out.
  2. **COLOUR **Use CMYK mode for your artwork, Do not set color tints (toning) to below 10%. Avoid black colour setting as X ( C-50 M-70 Y-80 K-100*reject*) ( C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-100*accept*) √ For litho Offset maximum total ink coverage must be or below than 240%. For example :
    X ( C-80 M-90 Y-75 K-45=290%*reject*) ( C-50 M-70 Y-80 K-20=220%) √
  3. **IMAGE**Ensure all the image are in CMYK colour mode, Ensure all the image resolutions are not below than 300dpi, Do not resample from lowest dpi to highest dpi in layout program.
  4. **LINE & TEXT** Set the line weight to Or more than 0.25pt. Use 4pts as minimum fonts size. Covert all the text to outline before you save your file to PDF file format.
  5. If there are any errors on printing, we will reprint by using original file, new contents or details are not allowed to change.
  6. We are not responsible on any files that are uploaded by other than website’s file checking system if any errors occurred. This is to ensure that no errors occurred when proceed for printing.
  7. Please download our templates from our website before start your artwork to avoid any mistakes or errors on printing.
  8. Please take note that we are only accept Adobe’s file format. For Coral Draw users, please convert your artwork to JPEG to avoid any errors on your artwork.
  9. Please double confirm all the details or contents before place order. Once order made, no cancellation / refund / amendment on orders once confirm.
  10. Please note that we do not do file checking for customers, so make sure to use the correct way to do your artwork. We will not responsible any errors on this issue.
  11. Artwork sent must be in a single layout / layer. Do not lock / hide any object in the artwork.
  12. Please make sure all your files or artwork are in CMYK format. RGB format files are not acceptable.
  13. Please be informed that each finishing process (eg. fold, UV, die-cut, creasing, round corners, etc) would have 3-5% of wastage, therefore should the short-fall of final quantity is within the range, Gprint is not liable for any deduction or rejection.
  14. Tolerance of the cutting edge is +- 1.5mm.
  15. For products with Spot UV finishing, tolerance of registration is +-1.5mm. Member may not reject order if Spot UV defects affect only 2% or below of the printed quantity per order.
  16. For products with hot-stamping & blind emboss finishing, tolerance of registration is +-1.5mm.
  17. For product with die-cutting, tolerance of cutting is +-1.5mm.
  18. Any rejection for product related to the Default Security Tinting (confusing design) will not be accepted.


  1. Should you have any doubt or comment on the printing goods, please inform us within two (2) days from the date you received your goods. Any doubt or comment after two (2) days will not acceptable.
  2. The goods from Sign Inch Advertising Media will be delivered on time. If 2 or 3 days delay due to production, finishing work, transportation related issues, please bear with us. We will deliver the goods as soon as possible. Customers are not allowed to cancel, return or request compensation of the order because of the delay in receiving the goods.
  3. There will be some delay in delivery due to some of the possible cause in offset printing. Please reserve your customers more than few days lead time to avoid any problem and misunderstanding on both sides.
  4. As the delivery process is not in our range, so customers are not allowed to request arrival time of the goods.
  5. Once the goods sent out from Gprint office, customers can get consignment number from us and should directly contact courier company to check for the delivery status.

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